Guatemala; October 7-12th; Trip Update 3

Kaysey GilbreathGuatemala

Today was another eventful day at the center. Katie and I have been working with the older daycare group. This is the same group we got to work with last year. We have had an amazing time meeting and forming a bond with all the children that we didn’t already know from last year. Brittany is one child who has … Read More

Guatemala, June 17th- 23rd, 2017; Trip Update 4

Orphan's HeartGuatemala, Mission Trip Update

Today is our last day at the Center and I think everyone is going to miss being with the children and the nannies. This morning, the tremors of an earthquake were felt here at the Center. Thankfully, all of the children are okay! However, the shakes felt at the hotel surprised our team! Today was also the first day that … Read More

Romania, September 19-25, 2016; Trip Update 2

Alison WilsonMission Trip Update, Romania

Vision Trip Update By Jim Robbins It was a bittersweet final day in Romania. We visited a gypsy village and Pathway to Joy through the Orphan’s Heart feeding program distributed the monthly food bags to the villagers. This village was hit by a tornado in June and suffered major damage. Orphan’s Heart responded immediately and was able to help Pathway to … Read More

Guatemala June 18-24, 2016; Trip Update 2

Alison WilsonGuatemala, Mission News, Mission Trip Update

Our first time serving children in Guatemala was one of hope! There was a lot of hope and love at the malnutrition center. The children couldn’t stop smiling and were so happy were there to love them. We enjoyed helping the nannies and the children as they went through their day. We felt so fortunate to be able to help … Read More