Latvia, June 2nd- July 1st, 2017; Internship Update 12

Orphan's HeartInternship Update, Latvia

We bring the children into a safe place for a week—a place where they can be children playing and goofing off. We provide them an escape. The most common lament from the leaders here is “If we just had more time. If we had another week with Lelde maybe we could get her to say one more word.” The fact … Read More

Latvia, June 2nd- July 1st, 2017; Intern Update 8

Orphan's HeartInternship Update, Latvia

Written by: Jeanette P. It is week three of summer camp in Latvia! We know that we will have new campers every week and bag every week is going to be different- with its own challenges. This week has definitely lived up to that and it is only Tuesday! As a new group of children walked in yesterday (Monday) morning, … Read More

Latvia, August 5th – 13th, 2016; Trip Update 1

Deanna BerkesLatvia, Mission Trip Update

SUMMER CAMP!! Sounds of cheerful, unmistakable joy can be heard in Jelgava, Latvia today. Amidst a clamor of busy feet, blissful laughing, and beautiful singing, Jesus’ name can be heard prominently all throughout the day. At this point in the week, friendships and genuine connections have been made, making friendly competition and fun almost effortless. The children have learned many … Read More

Latvia, July 25-August 7,2015; Trip Update 8

Alison WilsonLatvia, Mission News, Mission Trip Update

That’s a wrap! Thank you Orphan’s Heart video! With 20 energetic, beautiful, impressionable minds alongside us, we powered through week 2 of kid’s camp in Latvia. While they live across the globe and speak a foreign tongue, we were constantly reminded of the similarities between us all this week. We are all God’s children on a journey of growth. We … Read More

Latvia, July 25-August 7, 2015; Trip Update 6

Alison WilsonLatvia, Mission News, Mission Trip Update

Week 2 of camp is in full swing!  This week’s kids live in Jelgava, a nearby community to the campsite, so we were able to meet them in town to ride the bus to camp together. Once settled in, they experienced orientation, and a tour of the grounds. After that they were quickly in high gear with  games, crafts, meals, swimming, etc. Monday was … Read More