Latvia, June 2nd – July 1st, 2017; Intern Update 6

Deanna BerkesInternship Update, Latvia

Written by: Jeanette P. This week we have been working with children ages 8 to 12. They are the sweetest children ever! I was not sure how my heart would hold enough love for more children, but somehow God makes it happen! The greatest challenge has been breaking down the Bible stories to make them easy for the children to … Read More

Latvia, June 2nd – July 1st, 2017; Intern Update 3

Deanna BerkesInternship Update, Latvia

Today in Latvia the children have been learning about Jesus and the sacrifice He made. They are very young, so we have been explaining how all the bad things they do keep them from God, but He sent His son to take on their punishment. Watching their faces, some hearing the Gospel for the first time, taking in the truth … Read More

Guatemala Internship; Fall 2015

Deanna BerkesChild Sponsorship Matters, Guatemala, Internship Update

During this fall season, Orphan’s Heart has had the pleasure of hosting a Social Work Intern from Southeastern University, named “Emily J.” Her primary task has been to examine the affects and influences of Child Sponsorship, and evaluate how we can make positive improvements to the program for the betterment of our children and families. The following is a collection of … Read More

Latvia, July 25-August 7,2015; Trip Update 8

Alison WilsonLatvia, Mission News, Mission Trip Update

That’s a wrap! Thank you Orphan’s Heart video! With 20 energetic, beautiful, impressionable minds alongside us, we powered through week 2 of kid’s camp in Latvia. While they live across the globe and speak a foreign tongue, we were constantly reminded of the similarities between us all this week. We are all God’s children on a journey of growth. We … Read More

Latvia, July 25-August 7, 2015; Trip Update 6

Alison WilsonLatvia, Mission News, Mission Trip Update

Week 2 of camp is in full swing!  This week’s kids live in Jelgava, a nearby community to the campsite, so we were able to meet them in town to ride the bus to camp together. Once settled in, they experienced orientation, and a tour of the grounds. After that they were quickly in high gear with  games, crafts, meals, swimming, etc. Monday was … Read More

Latvia, July 25- August 7, 2015; Trip Update 3

Alison WilsonLatvia, Mission News, Mission Trip Update

Just when you think you don’t have much to offer because of the language barrier, or cultural differences- something clicks and you make a connection or have a breakthrough moment with an individual. As a small team we’ve each experienced these moments over the past few days. Ilga (adopted from Latvia and returning on this trip for the first time … Read More

Latvia, July 25-August 7, 2015; Trip Update 1

Alison WilsonLatvia, Mission Trip Update

Orphan’s Heart has returned to Latvia for the second year to host two weeks of kid’s camp! We will have 20 children each week from two regions of the country. The kids are selected to attend by social workers and most are from rather needy families. The camp is intended to be an exciting experiential week for the children. For … Read More