Guatemala, July 10, 2013

Ron GunterGuatemala, Honduras, Mission Trip Update

The Chicks and the Bunnies have had a great couple of days thanks to the Recreation, Art and Music teams.  The Chicks even got to finger paint!  Many of the Chicks are getting too big to pick up and carry.  Walking down the long hall to their bathroom takes forever!  We have to put one person at the ends of … Read More

Guatemala, July 6, 2013 (Saturday)

Ron GunterGuatemala, Honduras, Mission Trip Update

First Baptist Church of Palmetto, First Baptist Church of Labelle, First Baptist Church of Kathleen and friends from as far away as Oklahoma and Tennessee along with the three interns who will be living at the Malnutrition Center for the next five weeks arrived safely in Guatemala.    Our flight from Miami was a little rough and left late, but … Read More


Ron GunterHonduras, Mission Trip Update

BEFORE…     AFTER… Grandmother Ampara, Mother Yesenia, and baby Dariela are so proud of their new home!   As mentioned in an earlier blog post, an ORPHAN’S HEART construction team was in Honduras last month building homes for families in need.  As you can see, the homes have been completed, and the families have moved in!  What a rewarding … Read More

HONDURAS – Wednesday, 9/26/12

Ron GunterHonduras, Mission Trip Update

Day 4 – Wednesday:   “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord:   We didn’t get to the pouring of the slabs today.  We moved many wheelbarrow loads of fill for the foundations.  We have learned that the work usually progresses and is measured by standards to which we are unaccustomed back in Milton or … Read More


Ron GunterHonduras, Mission Trip Update

Day 3 – Tuesday:  Food for the Families: We arrived at the work site today to find that the 3rd house had the block work finished by the nationals.  Quite a blessing that allowed us to jump right into the main task of the day – completing and compacting the fill for the foundations of homes 1 and 2 by shovel … Read More


Ron GunterHonduras, Mission Trip Update

Day 1 – Sunday:  Letting Our Light Shine 5-Gallon Buckets at a Time:  We began work in the village of El Doradito.  We had to move yards and yards of a rock and clay mix fill into the foundations using shovels and 5-gallon buckets.  Two wheel-barrows were brought to the site later in the morning.  Work processes here are primitive … Read More


Ron GunterGuatemala, Honduras, Mission Trip Update

ORPHAN’S HEART is excited to have teams in both GUATEMALA and HONDURAS this week!  Both teams have arrived safely, and we are thankful and look forward to the opportunities that lay before us in these days to be the hands and feet of Christ!  Thank you for your prayers for our group of 10 men doing house construction in Honduras, and our … Read More

Renacer, Honduras

Ron GunterHonduras

Greetings from Honduras! Our team arrived in Honduras on Monday afternoon and since then it has been quite an experience! We are staying in Renacer and serving at an orphanage in the city. Last night, our first night in Honduras, there was no water at the house that we are staying at…but, we are hoping and praying that there will … Read More