Ministry Update: Hurricane Matthew

RJ WaltersCuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mission News

Hurricane Matthew has captured our hearts and attention at Orphan’s Heart this week. We have prayed and continue to pray for God to watch over all his children and provide hope and provisions for those who have suffered loss in this devastating storm. We are grateful to God that our ministry sites as well as the children and families we serve in … Read More

HAITI – Thursday Morning 4/11/13

Ron GunterHaiti, Mission Trip Update

Double Baptism! Praise the Lord, we had a beautiful start to a beautiful day, baptising our own Marc and David in the ocean just north of the orphanage!  Pastor Jeff baptised Marc, and Pastor Vilbrun of the little church next door baptised David.  David’s wife, Wowo and our entire team were in attendance. This is our last day here, and … Read More

HAITI – Tuesday 4/9/13

Ron GunterHaiti, Mission Trip Update

Meet our new Director! Sarah is a wonderful young lady with two years experience in an orphanage here in Haiti, and is the guardian of a special Haitian boy named Woodley, who has captured all our hearts. Sarah has an Elementary Education background in Special Education in the States, speaks Creole and loves working in Haiti. She has taken on a big … Read More

HAITI – Monday 4/8/13

Ron GunterHaiti, Mission Trip Update

Rocky Start – Great Team! This trip struggled a little to get off the ground (literally) but put it into high gear quickly! Only two team members arrived as scheduled on Saturday afternoon, with the others delayed in Dallas and over-nighting in Miami. Everyone got in early Sunday morning, and after orientation and a devotional led by Pastor Jeff, we … Read More

HAITI – Thursday 3/28/13

Ron GunterHaiti, Mission Trip Update

Last Day! And what a day it was! The weather was clear for us until right when we were quitting at 4. The roof worked great in the heavy rain last night, and we were able to get right to work. This morning Burl connected the batteries to the inverter, we switched it on, and we had power!     … Read More

HAITI – Wednesday 3/27/13

Ron GunterHaiti, Mission Trip Update

Tonight it is pouring rain, but the front that just came through has cooled everything off, so we give thanks to the Lord for that and that the rain came at night and not while we were working. Not only that, but the rain will help us see how good our new roof is, and the work that we did … Read More

HAITI – Tuesday 3/26/13

Ron GunterHaiti, Mission Trip Update

Today there was so much going on it was hard to keep up. While Lou went down into town for supplies since we couldn’t get them at MSC, the team divided up and went to work putting in the remaining two windows, the frames for the doors, finished work on the plumbing, and pulled the home runs and did other … Read More

HAITI – Monday 3/25/13

Ron GunterHaiti, Mission Trip Update

Monday is ALWAYS the hardest day, and the longest, because it is the first full day of work. We began the day with an installed tub downstairs, and while Lou and Burl headed off to MSC for needed electrical supplies, the rest of the crew started work. Marc and David worked on installing the inverter, main cutoff and breaker panel, … Read More

HAITI – Sunday 3/24/13

Ron GunterHaiti, Mission Trip Update

We started off the day as usual at Pastor Edmond’s church. When we arrived, Sunday School was just ending up, with adults on one side and kids on the other.   The service started with singing, and it was especially good this morning, as there were more adults there than usual. These people really know how to make a joyful … Read More

HAITI – Thursday 3/7/13

Ron GunterHaiti, Mission Trip Update

Our last day was our busiest one so far!  We started off with the ladies’ Bible study, again with a full house of over a hundred, led by Charles Junior and with another message from our Pastor Daniel, and the distribution of Bibles.  Some of our young people did “child care” during the service, and at the end we again … Read More