Sponsorship Update- Guatemala School Supplies 2018

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January is a time of new beginnings and in Guatemala it means the beginning of a new school year! Did you know these facts about Guatemala’s school attendance rates? According to UNICEF, it is estimated that 657,233 children in Guatemala do not attend school, which corresponds to 26% of the total population between 7 and 14 years of age. Every year about 204,593 children abandon school–this represents … Read More

Sponsorship Update- Dominican Republic, January 2018

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The new year was off to a great start for the sponsored families in the Dominican Republic!  In January, the families gathered together for an educational talk on nutrition and its importance in the first few years of a child’s life. They also had the opportunity for a Q&A session with a local medical assistant. The families learned a lot … Read More

Sponsorship Update- Dominican Republic Christmas Parties 2017

Kaysey GilbreathChild Sponsorship Matters, Dominican Republic, Sponsorship Update

2017 was a wonderful year for Orphan’s Heart Child Sponsorship in the Dominican Republic! In 2017, the program grew from just 40 sponsored children to over 100 sponsored children! We praise the Lord for his work in the Dominican Republic and give thanks for each sponsor. The sponsored children are receiving spiritual, nutritional, educational and emotional support year-round and also … Read More

Sponsorship Update- Guatemala Christmas Parties 2017

Kaysey GilbreathChild Sponsorship Matters, Guatemala, Sponsorship Update

This post was written by Kaysey Gilbreath, Orphan’s Heart Child Sponsorship Coordinator It was a very merry Christmas for the children and families in the sponsorship program in Guatemala! The Malnutrition Center hosted the annual sponsored children Christmas parties, complete with traditional food, fun games, raffle prizes, and lots of dancing! This year the daycare children and their families got to … Read More

The Power of Prayer in Any Language

Kaysey GilbreathChild Sponsorship Matters, Guatemala, Sponsorship Update

This special sponsorship blog was written by a long-time team member and sponsor, Bev, who recently had the opportunity to spend time with her sponsored child in Guatemala. Read about her experience below! What is prayer? Spending time with the God we love, praising Him, adoring Him, confessing to Him, petitioning Him and listening to Him. What a privilege we … Read More

Romania Sponsorship Update

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Our Romania sponsorship program continues to grow, with now more than 60 children receiving support from generous sponsors! Each month, our ministry partner in Romania delivers food bags to the sponsored children in the gypsy village and purchase items that the children in the orphanage and foster homes need. These items are chosen for each child based on their needs … Read More

Family + Sponsorship = New Hope

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Tania is a 10-year-old girl who has lived her entire life in a village in the mountains of Colombia that is best known for its production of sugar cane. Tania lives with her mom who has suffered from chronic kidney failure for a long time. Every three days, she must travel to Bogota for dialysis treatments. It is a six-hour … Read More

Sponsorship Update: Guatemala, May 2017

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In many countries around the world, the month of May includes special celebrations for Mother’s Day. Guatemala is among these countries which spent the last month celebrating these amazing  women! This month we took time to remind the mothers of our sponsored children how important they are not only to their families, but to Orphan’s Heart, too! They play a big role in … Read More